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Brand noun: a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.

These days, brands aren’t just in your closet, in your cabinet, or on your feet. Brands are personal, all encompassing, and an important part of a person’s identity. So, what is personal branding? Some believe it’s a way to market yourself, some will say it’s a way to get a job, and some think it’s your differentiating factor.

At Modestly Maddie, I think it’s the thread that holds the pieces of your life together. Your personal brand is your personality and I believe in the individual. I believe consistency, correspondence, and continuity throughout your life is the gateway to joy and I work to help you achieve it.

In need of a new wardrobe, a new home office, a new resume or a new place to visit? I specialize in the ability to identify your personal brand and sew it into all parts of your life through revamping, re-organizing, and re-orienting.

Let me change your perspective. Let me help you establish who you are, at any point in your life.

Services offered:

Closet Help
Need help going through your closet? Clean it out, spruce it up, and lear to shop your space. Let me help you create and organized haven to store your clothes.

Home Office Organization
Be more productive and beautify your space. I’m here to help with storage ideas, style inspiration, and the tools to make the most of your space.

Style Help
Reinvent yourself, expand on your style, or find out what you’re missing. Work with me to create a personalized list to complete your closet, revamp or expand your style, and feel confident.

Travel Guides
If you’re going on a vacation but don’t know where to start, let me know. I’m here to assist with an itinerary, must-see destinations, and restaurant advisories.

Packing Lists
Whether your trip is big or small, packing can seem like a daunting task. Give met he specifics of your next adventure and I will send a detailed list of everything you will need.

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