Wear What YOU Want


Dress // Jacket // vest (old) // boots // socks similar // necklace // hat

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Up until the morning of Thanksgiving, I had no idea what I was wearing. I ended up wearing my piko T shirt dress (which was seriously one of the best purchases!) with tights, booties and a vest. A couple of weeks ago I purchased this floppy hat. I had gone back and forth whether I needed it or would even wear it but decided to go for it. I was quite excited to finally be able to wear it over thanksgiving.

The first thing a relative said to me when I walked in the house was "well that's certainly a look although I think you're dressed for the wrong holiday. You're hat looks like Halloween."

At first I was a bit taken aback. I was perfectly happy with what I was wearing. I soon realized it didn't matter what she or anyone thought of what I was wearing.

This year I have learned not to care what people think about what I am wearing. Everyone has a different style, which is what is so great about fashion. Regardless of whether someone "likes" it, you should wear it because you want to. Fashion is an expression of yourself, therefore you should dress for yourself and not anyone else.


-Madeline Simone