A Windy Evening

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I recently picked up this dress from the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. I usually don't find anything at Urban but recently I've been successful. I'm not particularly fond of Urban Outfitters as a company because of some of the past controversy regarding what they have put on some of their shirts but lately I've found a few great pieces.

I've found that you definitely have to give everything a chance at Urban. You have to try everything on and you must go into the dressing room without any expectations. If you go in with the mindset you won't be upset. Shirts I've loved on the hanger have looked awful and others pieces I was skeptical about, I've loved.

I found this dress wedged in the back of the sale rack. It's different than what I usually buy but was immediately drawn to the color and pattern. It's loose fit makes it one of my most comfortable dresses.

How do you feel about Urban Outfitters as a company?

If you couldn't tell from the pictures the wind made this outfit post extremely difficult. :)

- Madeline Simone