On My Radar: Less is More

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A few days ago I cleaned out my room. While attempting to fit all of my clothes in my small closet I realized it was time to clean it out. Over the years, I have accumulated far too many clothes, most of which I don't wear. I'm really bad about holding onto clothes. I always think "oh I'll wear it to something" or "I still like it so there's no need to get rid of it". This mindset has gotten me nowhere.

As I was cleaning I felt like I got rid of a good amount of clothes I no longer wear or need. However when I finished I felt like I had barely given anything away. I soon realized I will need to do this a few more times.

My goal is that by the time I move back into my dorm at school, I will have given away a good portion of clothes. Any tips for how you clean out your closet would be greatly appreciated!

How do you clean out your closet?

- Madeline Simone