The Power of the Manicure


I go back and forth on whether a manicure is worth the thirty dollars and hour spent every other week. What is worth it though, is the confidence that a manicure gives you. A manicure gives you that extra polish ( pun intended).

Whenever I have my nails done I always feel better about myself. I feel more put together. I am pretty good at doing my own nails however,  I cannot stand taking the time to do my nails and having them get ruined by not allowing enough time for them to dry.

Every so often I treat myself to a manicure. Gel manicures last longer than regular nail polish and although they are a bit more expensive are definitely worth it.

I personally love a french manicure or pale pink. They go with everything and add a simple touch to any outfit. When I want to make a statement I prefer a navy. Essie is my go to polish. They have the best colors and seem to last the longest.

Do you think manicures are worth it?

- Madeline Simone