Update on Choreography: You Must Create

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For my choreography midterm I have to create a dance. Not only do I have to choreograph for the first time but I also have to use baroque music and a minimum of three dancers. I have been freaking out for the past month.

I consider myself a creative person but I am also a perfectionist. I struggle with seeing a project in the developmental stages. I get an idea in my head and if I can't get it to look exactly how I want, I end up wanting to start over. I know this is not the way to work especially when working with four different dancers.

I've been holding rehearsals once a week for four weeks now. Each rehearsal I've taught around a minute of choreography. You would think I would be close to finishing by now. The only problem is that I've started over three times.

Each rehearsal I would teach the dancers a portion of choreography and after the rehearsal was over I would immediately hate it and want to start over. By the third week I promised myself that whatever I taught them, I had to use. With my midterm quickly approaching, I knew I didn't have much time for error.

All of my dancer's are absolutely lovely and I am in no way blaming them. This is a problem that I have with myself and can only blame myself. For me, choreography is putting it all out there. It is an expression of yourself and as someone who can be more reserved, this is very difficult for me.

I found this quote "you must create" and it really resonated with me. I am a creative person. I am a confident person. I am perfectly capable do choreographing a dance. I need to stop making excuses.  I must create.

Have you ever choreographed before?

-Madeline Simone