The Joy of Dance


This past weekend the Hofstra Dance Department had a master class with Nicole Wolcott who is a member of the Keigwin + Company.  It was a great break from studying from finals. The teacher brought up J.O.D. or the joy of dance. This really got me thinking. Why do I dance? What about dance gives me joy?

I dance because it gives me a release. Dance has taught me to be bold and daring. Dance has given me confidence. It has taught me hard work, and dedication and for that I will be forever thankful. It also makes me incredibly happy. The joy dance gives me is unlike any other.

In other exciting news, I found out about my audition for the faculty show that took place a couple of weeks ago.



I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am! It also happened to be my first choice!

What brings you joy?

- Madeline Simone