Expect the Unexpected


Halloween for some reason is always a stressful holiday. I miss the days when we went trick or treating with friends and family and filled our orange plastic pumpkins with assorted candies and chocolates. I loved wandering throughout my neighborhood stopping at each house and showing off my costume.

Now that I'm older I've found that Halloween just doesn't live up to what it used to be. I have this vision of what halloween used to be and just want to go back to when I was little.

This year a group of my friends and I all had plans to be mermaids. We spent all week working on the costumes, getting every last detail right. We all wore crop tops. This was one of the worst decisions I have ever made. If it is the end of October, cold and raining, do not, I repeat do not wear just a crop top out. You will freeze. As soon as we started walking it started pouring. I forgot to mention that we had all spent hours curling our hair and pasting makeup on our faces to make us look like mermaids. All that hard work was soon washed away.

As we were standing outside getting soaking wet we started laughing. What on earth were we even doing. Here we are standing in the pouring rain in mermaid costumes trying to find a random house to go to a party that probably wasn't even going to be fun. We made the smart decision of going back and it was the best decision. Although it wasn't what we had originally planned it ended up being a great evening with some great mermaids.

We ended up doing our own thing and having a great time! If I learned anything from this Halloween it is that expect the unexpected and also wear warmer clothes!

(Next year I will be dressed as a bear)

How was your Halloween?

-Madeline Simone