Dress for Success

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pants // top // Similar blazer

For anyone who doesn't know, this is my roommate Priya. Last week she had the opportunity to attend a dance education conference in Chicago. From dinners, to meet and greets, presentations and talks, Priya needed to dress professionally. As she was packing she discovered she didn't have anything professional enough for the event.

One thing I pride myself on is the the ability to dress in a professional environment. I like to think I know what is well suited in a business setting.  One of my pet peeves is when people think it's appropriate to wear leggings. I don't care what anyone says, leggings are not fancy nor at all acceptable for a professional setting.

In high school there were a few occasions when we had to dress in business casual for and some students decided to wear leggings with what they considered to be a nice shirt. They said it was "dressed up for them". Just because you personally don't like to dress up doesn't make leggings in a work place okay. (end of rant)

Priya ended up finding a pair of pants and blouse from Ann Taylor. Needless to say she was not wearing leggings.

Why wouldn't you set yourself up for success and dress to impress?


-Madeline Simone