St. Patrick's day Festivities











I hope everyone had a lovely St. Patrick's day. Mine wasn't too eventful but still fun. It started off with sleeping in late and have a relaxing afternoon. Once Ally (my sister) got out of school, I brought her to soccer practice. She has practice in Hanover which is about an hour from our house. Her practice is also conveniently near the Derby Street Shops.

The Derby streets shops are one of my favorite places to go. They have  some of my favorite stores and food places. It's an outdoor shopping center. They have a j crew, lulu lemon, Kate Spade, C wonder, Gap, Vineyard Vines and many others. They also have an Apple Store and a big Barnes & Noble.

They also have some great food places. There is a Panera Bread, Starbucks, Pinkberry (my personal favorite), White's Bakery and others. Today I went to White's bakery to pick up some goodies for dessert. Walking into the bakery there is an instant aroma of baked goodness. It was so difficult to choose what to get. Everything looked so delicious. I ended up choosing mini whoopie pies, chocolate cannoli's and some sugar cookies with green sprinkles on top. After picking  up treats I couldn't help but stop in Lulu lemon which was right next door.

I have a slight addiction to lulu lemon. As a dance major I spend a lot of time in workout clothes and I figure why not make it cute. Lulu lemon makes it quite easy to be comfortable and somewhat stylish. I stayed strong though and didn't buy anything- even though I was very tempted too.

For dinner my mom made corn beef and cabbage. We had a few friends over and had a nice evening. Here are some photos from today's events.

-Madeline Simone