Cozy Mornings


This morning was this first morning in a long time where I could sleep in and not worry about anything. My sister and I stayed up until one in the morning laughing and  filling each other in on what we've missed over the past few weeks. Sleeping in for me usually means 9:30 at the latest but this morning I woke up at 11.

It was a nice change to wake up and not have anything to do. I made my own breakfast- also different from the college life. Lately I've been feeling like I have been drinking too much coffee. In high school I never drank coffee. I still can't drink straight coffee but I usually get mochas or macchiatos. In the past few weeks I've noticed my dependency on these drinks. I know they are not healthy but it helps me get me through the day so why not.

I want to try to shift to tea. I love chai lattes, but want to see if I like any other tea. Every day I want to try a different type of tea. Today I tried regular chai which was okay. I'm used to the latte version so naturally I didn't think it tasted as good.  Hopefully soon my taste buds will adapt to the new taste. Let the tea experiment begin!

-Madeline Simone