City of Boston














Last weekend I went to visit my boyfriend in Boston. He is a freshmen and is attending Mass. College of Art. I forgot how much I miss Boston. When you think of a city at first you think they are all the same but once you get to know them you realize how different they are. Boston has a completely different atmosphere and feel than New York City.

I got to see all around his campus and explore the city. We went to Newbury street and Copley and wander through the Commons. It was brisk outside but it was a beautiful sunny day out. After exploring all day we were both exhausted. I haven't walked that much in a long time.

Saturday night we went to see Boston Ballet perform Close to Chuck. It was beautiful. I didn't know much about the ballet beforehand, but Petey (my boyfriend) had heard about it through school and wanted to go.  It was a contemporary ballet based off of an artist. The costuming and backdrops were fascinating and very different then anything I had ever seen before.  At the ballet I was surprised to see two of my friends that I danced with at my old studio. It was such a surprise to run into them.

Although my visit was short, it was so nice to see Petey and old friends. It was a good feeling to be around familiar people. Hopefully over spring break I will be able to make another trip to Boston. Here are some photos from my lovely weekend.

-Madeline Simone