Breakfast for Two



Yesterday as I said goodbye to Petey, we decided to have breakfast at one of our favorite spots- The Daily Brew. The Daily Brew has the perfect atmosphere. The workers are always upbeat and friendly and I almost always run into someone I know. There is an upstairs and downstairs full of couches and mismatched furniture that all somehow fits together. There is also nice outdoor seating for the warmer weather.

There are a few things from the Daily Brew that I absolutely love. One of them is the berry healthy smoothie. I love smoothies but hate bananas. Many smoothie places I go to, only offer smoothies with bananas in them. This smoothie has blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and vanilla yogurt. I also love their frozen mochas, which is similar to a frappucino. They have delicious muffins and breakfast sandwiches. In the summer I go to the brew often because it's on my way to work. I'm looking forward to the warmer months and to many trips to the Daily Brew.

-Madeline Simone

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