A Much Needed Break


Two more classes to go and then I will be free. I don't think I've ever been in more need of a break. Although I'm not going anywhere for Spring Break, it will be nice to be at home and relax. I think all of these midterms and traveling every weekend over the past month has taken it's tole. I am someone who needs lots of sleep and as my friends know when I do not get enough sleep, I become quite cranky.

I am looking forward to lounging around, taking walks and catching up with friends and family. A week without my agenda book will be a relief. Here is my to do list over spring break:

1. Go out to breakfast

2. Go on a walk every day (weather permitting)

3. A bit of spring shopping

4. Make a home cooked meal

5. read a book

6. Visit Boston

7. Go thrifting

8. Pick out colors to paint my room

9. Make some art

10. Go to a show or movie

what are your plans for spring Break?

-Madeline Simone