What goes with plaster?

Unfortunately over the weekend during a dance audition I broke my wrist. I somehow managed to get through my entire childhood without breaking any bones and now that I'm in college I broke two at once. I currently have a splint that goes over my elbow and hopefully in two weeks (fingers crossed) I will get a shorter cast. Bedsides the hassle of having a broken limb my biggest problem has been what to wear. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the sleeves of tops get stretched out. With such a big cast nothing fits over my arm. So far I've found one of my sweatshirts and t shirts fit. Another problem I've found is I can't button pants. I guess it's yoga pants and leggings for me for the next month for me. Now I usually wouldn't mind dressing casual but there are a few events in the next few weeks where I a already know I need dress up. This Sunday I have an interview andlet me tell you, I'm stressed out. Not only for the interview part but also what to wear. I believe that dressing the part is very important. Regardless of what people say first impressions always count. I'm praying that something professional will fit over my lovely plaster accessory. Wish me luck! -Madeline Simone