Home sweet Home






Last weekend I went home to the cape to visit my family. My younger sister Ally came up to Hofstra on Thursday for a short visit. We left Friday afternoon for Providence. The visit was short but sweet. I think Ally enjoyed coming up to Hofstra (she can't wait to be in college). She loves the food at Hofstra and seeing "the college life". At home I was able to see the rest of my family and rest. Ally was busy with soccer all weekend so I had the pleasure of driving her all around. At least I got some Dunkin Donuts out of the trip. For some reason I had been craving a donut for the longest time while I was at school.

 Even though the trip was short it was a nice change. Since I can't really go out with my cast, and it's freezing here with little to do in Hempstead,  I decided to travel to visit friends for the next couple of weeks. This weekend I will be going to Boston to visit my boyfriend. I was supposed to visit him Valentines Day Weekend but with my wrist I had to postpone the trip. The following weekend I will be visiting my friend Paige at Umass Amherst. Then the weekend after that I will be going home for Spring Break. March will be a busy busy month but I can't wait :) Here are some photos from the weekend !

-Madeline Simone