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How to Survive NYC Weather

How to Survive NYC Weather


How to Survive the NYC Weather

Any New Yorker knows that the weather can be unpredictable. One day it’s sixty degrees and sunny and the next it’s cold and rainy. Winters are brutally cold and summers are unbearably hot. I’ve been caught in my fair share of rainstorms completely unprepared and have ruined many a pair of shoes. After a couple of years, I think I’ve figured out all the necessities to survive the crazy Manhattan weather.

This seems dumb, but I never used an umbrella until moving to the city. Carry one with you at all time and you will thank me later.

Chelsea Rain Boots

You may wake up to pouring rain and by noon it’s suddenly sunny. What I love most about Chelsea rain boots is they don’t scream typical “rain boot.” They are versatile, great in all weather, comfortable, and best of all stylish.

Here are some great Chelsea rain boots

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

I love sunglasses. With all the buildings in Manhattan, the glare can be blinding. Sunglasses add something extra to your outfit while blocking the sun from your eyes.

Here are some of my favorites

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Winter Hat

Wearing a hat instantly makes you warmer. With the wind as strong as it is here, you need something to protect your ears. I love wearing beanies in the winter. They add a pop of color, keep you cozy, and look cute.

Here’s my go to hat this season:


Blanket Scarf

Bundle up with a warm scarf. Scarves can be styled so many ways and even worm as a blanket or shawl in a cold office. If your office is anything like mine, scarves will save you.


I truly would not survive New York winters without my parka. Living here, I do a lot of walking and with the cold temperatures, I don’t know what I would do without my trusty coat.

What do you use to survive the weather?

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