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National Sister's Day

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National Sister's Day

Today is National Sister's Day. Who knew that was even a holiday? All I have to say is sisters deserve to be celebrated, especially my sister. My sister is two years younger than me and one of the most inspiring, hardworking, and kindest people I know. 

Sisters are there through the good and the bad. They're there through rough times and triumphs and they stand by your side and weather the storm with you. My sister and I are incredibly close now but we joke that there was a time when we could not have been more different. During a 4 year period in middle school we had nothing in common but thankfully, as time went on that distance closed. We make an effort to call one another once a week, check in with one another, and visit. My sister is my best friend and my most trusted confidant. 

Although we don't live near one another, there's nothing I wouldn't do for my brilliant, sweet, and resilient little sister. And I know she would do anything for me. I'm thankful to have been given a little sister like mine and I'm going to take today to let her know that. 

How do you celebrate your sister?


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