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My Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials


My Travel Essentails

Traveling can be stressful. I travel a decent amount and through trial and error have discovered my essentials while on the go. While overall, I’ve been pretty lucky when I travel I have had a few nightmares that have taught me some lessons. One of the most important things for me is my travel outfit; I need to be comfortable. While I’m always envious of people wearing put-together outfits, I can’t sacrifice my comfort and you can almost always find me wearing Lululemon leggings. I love that they’re comfortable, easy to layer, and stylish enough that I don’t feel like a total bum when I arrive at my destination. Thank god for athleisure.

The second most important item is my travel bag. I almost always travel with my Lululemon backpack [LINK TO OLD POST]. Occasionally, I will use a tote but I find navigating airports and train stations hands-free much easier. When packing, here are the categories I use to make sure all my essentials come with me:

Important Items:

Wallet, passport, cash (I always try to have a little cash on me, but not too much), and gum.

Health & Wellness:

I always keep a pouch in my bag with some wellness products. I get headaches fairly frequently and have learned the hard way that I need to carry Advil with me. Lately, I’ve also been keeping Emergen-C in my bag since traveling can make you feel run down. Finally, I always keep hand sanitizer on me because of plane bathrooms and other germs.


I keep another small pouch in my bag with beauty and makeup products. I pack hand lotion, chapstick, a small pack of face wipes, deodorant, and perfume. I also throw some of my makeup in the pouch so I can do touch-ups. This is especially important if I’m going somewhere right from the train station or airport. Lately, I’ve also started carrying a mini Mario Badescu face spray. After a long trip, it’s so refreshing and feels great on your skin.


I always have my laptop with me, my AirPods, and my Bower & Wilkins headphones. I prefer my bigger headphones to help block out noise for longer travel. For my chargers, I keep them all together in one pouch.

Miscellaneous Items:

Along with always having my laptop, I also constantly have my Moleskin journal with me. It contains practically my whole entire life. I keep all of my goals, to do lists, and trackers in my journal. To write, I use a black .5 Muji pen. In addition, I keep my S’well in my bag (empty if I’m flying) and a granola bar in case I get hungry. You can also always find sunglasses in my bag. Lately, I’m trying to be better about reading and not being on my phone as much, so I’ve recently started packing a book.


Depending on the season, if I’m not already wearing a sweatshirt or something warm, I'll pack an extra layer. Since I’m always freezing (especially on planes), I think the more layers the better. I also always bring a backup pair of underwear if I’m checking my luggage.

The list varies a bit depending on where I’m going, but for the most part, you’ll always find these items in my bag while I’m on the go!

What do you keep in your travel bag?

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