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Get Yourself A Girl Gang

Get Yourself A Girl Gang

Get Yourself a Girl Gang

This is my girl gang; a group of strong women that have helped me through so much (and this isn’t even all of them!). True friends are an amazing thing; they’re there through it all and they push you to be the best that you can be.

In a previous post about POPSUGAR, I briefly touched on the subject of friendships and I’ve recently realized how important they are and the ones I have are truly incredible.

The thought of moving to New York City was never really scary because I was fortunate enough to have my core group of friends with me. That’s not to say that you can’t move somewhere without your friends because I believe you should go wherever you want but having a support system, especially right out of college, was so beneficial.

Since graduating, I’ve realized who my true friends are. There are those friends who lived down the hall and you had enough in common but when it came down to the tough stuff they weren’t ever actually there for you. I like to call them “friends of convenience” and don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share but recently I’ve been more aware of how I want to spend my time and who I want to spend it with.

As I get closer to 24, I have zero interest in exhausting friendships. Friends that put in little effort and expect the world, friends that make you feel bad or don’t support you, and friends that only reach out to you when they need something are the ones I no longer wish to have. I am a believer that you attract the energy you give off. Take a look at who you surround yourself with and ask if they challenge you, if they elevate you, and if they’re there for you. I know my girl gang is.

Who’s in your girl gang & what do you value most about your friendships?

xx, mm

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