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Fitness Advice from a 20-Something; How to Juggle Adulthood and your Workout

Fitness Advice from a 20-something; how to juggle adulthood and your workouts

Meet Gina: a 23-year-old, full-time pre-school teacher, fitness junkie and health coach doing it all.

Tell me about yourself

My name is Gina and I am 23 years old. I am from Falmouth, MA (same little island as Maddie). I am a full time preschool teacher, which has been a goal of mine since I was little. I went to college studying Human Development, School and Society, with a minor in Early Education. I knew I wanted to do more than just teach in a classroom, which lead me to coaching. Health and fitness is a huge part of my life and something I'm passionate about which made it easy to make it into a career. I started my own business and created an office space in my bedroom that I work from at least two hours a day.

How did you get started with your fitness journey and what's the company you work for?

I actually got into my fitness journey through social media. It all started because I have always had a love and passion for health and fitness. I followed tons of girls on their journeys and saw where it took them and I wanted that too. So I first started through Health Coach Institute. Which was great, but a lot of expenses and time commitments that I didn't have as a college senior. So I then reached out to a girl I have been following for a while and asked how she became such a successful health coach. She introduced me to BeachBody. Which is the company I now work for.

Through BeachBody I started my own business called "Team Fearless Desire". I have my own team of girls that I work 1:1 with every single day to help them accomplish their personal goals and to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. A few months into coaching I saw how much I really loved it and wanted to make it my life. So I took the next step for me, which was to go to the largest coaching event in the country. I went to Louisiana all by myself for five days to stay with nine other coaches that I had never met before. This was way out of my comfort zone and so unexpected for me. I never imagined myself at a coaching conference in a different state not knowing anyone.

I am still shocked that I did that. But beyond glad that I did because once I left, I was ready. I was ready to really focus on what I wanted which was to help others feel their happiest and healthiest. As I am learning more about my business the more my team grows and the more lives I get to change even in the smallest way.

How do you plan your workouts?

With my workouts, all I have to do is press play. Being a first year school teacher means a lot of preparation and planning. That being said, I try to work out as soon as I get home from work so I don't push it off. They're only 30 minute planned workouts so theres no excuse not to do it. I follow the program which includes meal plans and daily workouts so it's all set up for me.

How often do you workout?

I try to work out every day, but to be honest I work full time as a teacher and coaching full time so working out can be very hard to accomplish every single day. So my goal each week is to at least workout every other day. And when I don't, it has a negative impact on me.

Favorite pre workout snack?

My favorite pre workout snack has to be a banana and a black iced coffee. I know the coffee part may sound weird but caffeine thins your blood and helps your heart rate even when you're not working out. The banana is a pretty normal pre workout snack but I love the potassium it gives your body which can be difficult to get. A banana also helps with cramps which is great when doing 30 minute intense workouts.

Favorite post workout snack?

My favorite post workout snack is Shakeology. I switch up my flavors but my go to is cafe latte or just plain chocolate. With both flavors I always add half a frozen banana, four to five ice cubes, half a cup of water, two tablespoons of PB powder and collagen powder. I am also a huge coffee lover so when I do make my caffe latte I add iced coffee to it so you get that extra kick.

How do you meal prep?

I like to look at my meal prep as my "Sunday funday." I love to hang out on Sundays and watch football but my ideal meal prep would be on a Sunday before the busy work week starts up. This typically includes me and my boyfriend going to get coffees, having our insanely carb- filled breakfast and hitting the grocery store. Once we get there, we turn into team mode. One of us will get the proteins and carbs as the other gets the dairy and fruits/veggies. Then that night we'll put in an hour or so making our lunches for the week. It's such a fun part of our weekend and relationship. It's so important to make certain aspects of your life fun so it doesn't feel like it's a chore.

What's your favorite brand of workout clothes?

I have so many workout clothes, some may say too many but my favorite brand has to be Athleta I feel so good and fitted when I'm wearing them. The wash in wear is also incredible.

What's your go to sneaker?

My favorite sneaker is Nike. I have another crazy addiction to sneakers which has led  me to try a lot of different brands. I love the feeling of Nike Free but I also love the feeling of long distance running shoes. So the in-between  of the two is the Nike Revolution Sneaker.

What advice do you have for juggling your work life and still managing to work out?

My advice for having to juggle work life and working out is to just get it done. I know that sounds super naive and it's easier said than done but it is one of those statements you need to live by. Whether you bang out your workout in the morning and lose those 40 minutes of sleep or you dedicate 40 minutes after work. I always remind all my clients that working out isn't a chore, it's apart of your lifestyle. Do it for you and before you know it you aren't feeling like you're juggling the two because it just becomes apart of your daily routine.

A huge thanks to Gina for chatting about her fitness lifestyle. Interested in working with Gina? Send her an email at to find out more!


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