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The Art of the Ascot

The Art of the Ascot

When heading home for the holidays, I packed a suitcase brimming with black clothing. To spice up my wardrobe, I also packed an arrangement of ascots.

Over the past couple of years I’ve slowly become obsessed with ascots. They are such an easy accessory to elevate any outfit. They can be worn a multitude of ways: around your neck, tied in your hair, as a bracelet or added to a bag. Madewell has great ascots. They are affordable and come in so many different patterns and colors.

Ascots can seem daunting at first but they are so much fun and are easy to wear. They can be paired with just about anything. The majority of my closet is black and other neutral colors and ascots are a great way to add a pop of color. My personal favorite is with an off the shoulder black top or with a solid colored button down.

Last weekend, I was working all day and going to a party directly afterwards so my outfit had to function for both occasions. I paired my black, off the shoulder top, my black ripped jeans, and short booties with a navy and gold ascot. It made the outfit more professional and cohesive. Later for the party I took the ascot off and tied it around my black cross body and added a gold choker to my neck.

Styling ascots are so much fun. Have you ever worn an ascot?

xx, mm

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