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Life in an 8'x10' Space

Life in an 8'x10' Space
My bedroom in my apartment, while spacious for New York City, is essentially an 8 by 10 foot box. The placement of my closet and the radiator made decorating a tricky but a rewarding task; yes it's small but it's compact and fits everything I need. I made the space work by making mindful furniture and storage choices. All of my furniture is from Ikea. Some, I had previously but some I picked out during the summer after seeing the space. Ikea furniture is a good place to start for anyone in a space crunch. The pieces are well priced and easy to put together. Most of my baskets and boxes are either from the Container Store or Target. I could spend hours walking through the Container Store because they have storage for anything you could need with versatility and style in mind.
My small decorative items are from a variety of other places. My jewelry stand and blue decorative pillow are from Urban Outfitters. I love Urban's home line and even though I find the items to be overpriced, you can always find a good sale. I  keep my favorite candle from Anthropologie, Blue Volcano, on my bedside and I've chosen to add some succulents because they bring a bit of life and greenery to my room. For me, it's important to add things to your space that make your room feel more homey.
Since moving full time in October, I've slowly decorated my room to feel like my own space. My inspiration wall is filled with photos of everything I love. It's a constant reminder to keep going, keep doing what I love, and always aspire for more. I enjoy having a clutter free, organized space. It keeps me calm and I always feel more productive when it's clean and tidy.
As I'm transitioning into a "New-Yorker" I'm  working on being more aware of what I actually need vs. the extra stuff that clutters my life. While it's a challenge to be as minimalist as possible, I'm up for it.
How do you decorate your room?
xx, mm

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