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Cork, Ireland

English Market in Cork

The second stop on our trip to Ireland was Cork. We stayed at a beautiful old hotel that reminded me of the Grand Budapest Hotel (If you've never seen that movie, I highly recommend) which was located on a steep hill that overlooked the town. Although our stay in Cork was short, it was a quaint town with lots of pubs and eateries one of which we stopped at before heading to our next destination.

The English Market had an eccentric flair and delicious food. The first level was a huge open market with all different vendors. From bread and spice shops to meat and coffee shops, English Market had it all. We settled on a small cafe where we enjoyed tasty pastries and lattes.

The English Market reminded me a lot of Chelsea Market in NYC. Now every time I go to Chelsea Market I think about my little breakfast in Cork.

Where is somewhere you've traveled that reminds you a little bit of home?

xx, mm


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