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Updated 101 in 1001

101 in 1001 Part II

I've made a new 101 in 1001 goals list! I have 1001 days to complete 101 goals! My previous list ended at the beginning of March. Although I didn't finish all of my goals, I'm proud of the ones I was able to accomplish. It has been a fun challenge over the past couple of years. I put some of the goals that I wasn't able to finish onto my new list as well as a bunch of new ones!

Start Date: April 6, 2017

End Date: January 2, 2020

  1. Learn to do a forearm headstand
  2. Find an apartment in the city
  3. Get a job
  4. Travel to Europe
  5. Attend a wedding
  6. Take Spanish classes
  7. See NYCB perform the Nutcracker
  8. Graduate
  9. Move to NYC
  10. Decorate my apartment
  11. Make bed every day for 1 month
  12. Create a budget plan
  13. Take a dance class in the city
  14. Get a Burburry trench coat
  15. Invest in a leather jacket
  16. Track spending
  17. Go to the MOMA
  18. Visit Nashville
  19. Make a savings plan
  20. Find a favorite coffeeshop in the city
  21. Journal every day for 1 month
  22. Tour a vineyard
  23. Come up with a workout routine that doesn't require a gym
  24. Attend a Redsox Yankees Game
  25. Give up Netflix for 1 month
  26. Host a Sunday brunch
  27. Make a 5 year plan
  28. Take a cooking class
  29. Wear a ballgown
  30. Throw a housewarming party
  31. Go to a wine tasting
  32. Golf 9 holes
  33. Publish a blog post every day for 1 month
  34. Invest in business heels
  35. Donate blood
  36. Purchase a better camera
  37. Hold a two minute plank
  38. Visit the Newport Mansions
  39. Visit Charleston
  40. Make business cards
  41. Take a boxing class
  42. Get rid of and donate clothes I don't wear
  43. Take a blogging/tech class
  44. Plan a trip with my sister
  45. Create a Poshmark account
  46. Find an everyday lipstick
  47. Attend Smorgasburg
  48. Write 5 letters
  49. Attend the Opera
  50. Workout 3 times a week for 3 months
  51. Decide whether I want to invest / start a drop ship business
  52. Utilize my apple watch more
  53. Learn how to poach an egg
  54. Attend a Weeknd Concert
  55. Try dumplings from Bao
  56. Take a trip alone
  57. Do something Rebellious
  58. Invest in a coffee table book
  59. Choreograph a solo
  60. See John Mayer Live
  61. Host a New Years Eve party
  62. Read 10 books
  63. Go on a business trip
  64. Buy fresh flowers for the apartment
  65. Perform a solo
  66. Do a collaboration post
  67. Visit D.C. again
  68. Go to Eataly in NYC
  69. Learn more about SEO
  70. Go to a burlesque club
  71. Brew my own coffee for 2 weeks instead of buying starbucks
  72. Practice Yoga twice a week for 2 months
  73. Hold a handstand balance for 5 seconds
  74. Attend an Eminem concert
  75. Take a road trip
  76. Backup my computer to an external hard drive
  77. Visit Saratoga, NY
  78. Ski Alta with Ally
  79. Find a favorite face mask
  80. Join a gym
  81. Have drinks at the plaza to celebrate something special
  82. Decorate my office space
  83. Take a bath
  84. Get a succulent for the room
  85. Go without caffeine for 1 week
  86. Attend an art opening
  87. Don't let my manicure chip for 1 month
  88. Consistently post on pinterest/tumblr (daily) for 2 weeks
  89. Go to Santacon
  90. Drink required amount of water for 1 month
  91. Watch 5 documentaries
  92. Take an adobe/photoshop class
  93. Don't order takeout or eat out for 1 month
  94. Curate a business wardrobe with staple, classic pieces
  95. Utilize calendar and agenda on my phone
  96. Go to a happy hour with friends
  97. Blow dry my hair every morning for 1 week
  98. Find a running route I like
  99. Learn how to do two french braids in my hair
  100. Clean up and refine Spotify playlists
  101. Finish everything on this list


What are some of your goals?

xx, mm

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