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Brunch at Three of Cups, NYC

Brunch at the Three of Cups

Brunch is the perfect place for a celebration. A group of my friends got together to celebrate our fabulous friend in graduating early and already having a job. We found this cute place called Three of Cups that allows reservations (a must when going to brunch on the weekends) and that have an unlimited boozy brunch option!

Not surprisingly, I went with an all black outfit. My top was from Anthropologie, ripped jeans from Madewell (a staple in everyone's wardrobe) and my hat was from Free People. It was a Sunday morning back in February and yet it was so warm out, it felt like May. After brunch we wandered around the city. Overall it was a lovely, lovely day.

 Even though we all go to school together, with our crazy busy schedules it was nice to all sit down, catch up and have a meal together. With the date of graduation looming and the uncertainty of where we will be in the next couple of months, it's sad to think that we won't necessarily all be together anymore. Even if we aren't all together next year, we will always be close.

I am a firm believer that friendship is not about talking 24/7 and being with each other constantly. I could go weeks without talking to my best friend and when we catch up it's as if nothing has changed.

What are your thoughts on friendship?

xx, mm

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