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Spring Break Check List

Here are some of my top picks for Spring Break

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A funky pair of sunglasses can spice up any outfit. Here are some of my personal favorites! I'm currently loving Madewell's line of sunglasses - they are super affordable and unique.

Cover Up:

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I love these light weight cover ups! They are easy to pack and are perfect for wearing over your bathing suit. Their simplicity will match just about any suit you pair it with.

Sun Hat:

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Keep your face out of the sun with these fun hats from J Crew and Madewell. They are easy to pack and are a great accessory to add to any outfit!

Bathing Suit:

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I'm loving the sportier suits this season and am currently on the hunt for a one piece!

Beach Bag:

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Pack a bag that can serve a multitude of purposes! Pack a light read, sunnies, sunscreen and your reusable water bottle for a day of relaxing in one of these great totes!


What are your spring break plans?

xx, mm

Spring Break Wish List

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