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Ski Out West

Ski Out West

While in Colorado, my sister and I had the chance to ski at Breckenridge. I've been skiing practically my entire life however only on the east coast. For years we have wanted to go skiing out west but with our schedules it never ended up working out until now.

I can't even describe how amazing the skiing was. It had been snowing the previous couple of days so there was about eighteen inches of fresh snow! The powder was unreal. It was without a doubt the hardest terrain I have ever done but that being said, a life changing experience.

Ally convinced me to go on by far the most difficult trail I've ever completed before at over twelve thousand feet up. Not quite sure I would have made it down without her but I was proud nonetheless to have done it.

The views were positively breathtaking, the skiing was awesome and the trip was unforgettable. I can't wait to go back again.

Have you ever skied out west before?

xx, mm

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