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On My Radar: What Happened to J Crew

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Recently J Crew has taken lots of heat for their spring line. Pretty much anyone who knows me knows that I love J Crew. J Crew is one of my favorites because of their classic pieces. I still have some of my first J Crew purchases because of their durability and timelessness.

 I went in J Crew the other day and I slightly agree with the recent complaints. From what I have observed over the past couple of years, the quality of the clothes has gone down. I've also noticed that they have slightly strayed away from their classic pieces and ventured out to more edgy different items.

I wouldn't say this is necessarily a bad thing, but when a store is known for certain staple items, and no longer carries them, long time customers lose interest and stop shopping there.

One thing I have definitely noticed a change in is the fit of the garments. Many of the items vary in size. I myself don't have a consistent size at J Crew. I often try things on at the store and am disappointed with the fit.

I believe J Crew is just going through a rough patch but will be able to turn it around. I will continue to shop at J Crew but will definitely be more cautious with what I am purchasing.

What are your thoughts?

- Madeline Simone

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