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College Packing Series: Decorations/Organization

Here are some photos from my dorm room last year. I had absolutely no idea what to expect with my room. For orientation I stayed in a different building and ended up having a completely different style room. For decorations I was unsure of what wall space I would have so I kept it to a minimum. I also didn't know what sort of organization/storage I would need. Target has a lot of different options for dorm rooms. I did most of my dorm room shopping at Target and Ikea. I was so excited to go dorm room shopping. I planned my theme and what I would need for months in advance. Here is what I ended up with:


I later went on to add more decorations on my wall- it was somewhat boring at first. My roommate and I were fortunate enough to have a great room. It was a big corner room with stark white walls and lots of sunlight. We had these huge windows that offered a nice view. On a clear day you could see the NYC skyline. I loved my room and look forward to decorating my new room!

What does your dorm room look like?

-Madeline Simone


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