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College Packing Series: Clothes

IMG_2493 When packing for college I found that figuring out what clothes to bring was by far the most difficult. For girls especially you want all possible options. I am someone who is always thinking "well I could wear it with this... at some point.." I thought I'd rather be safe than sorry and bring almost every article of clothing I owned in the chance I may wear that one sweater I haven't worn in two years. Safe to say my freshmen year I was well over packed. I was terrified that I wasn't going to have enough clothes. Freshmen year is completely unpredictable but as a now older and wiser sophomore my goal is to pack on the lighter side. HA.

Here are some things that I found very useful during my freshmen year:

1. Cold gear: I bought myself a winter down coat and it was honestly one of the best purchases I've made. Walking around campus in the middle of February can get pretty chilly. Now this may not apply to everyone depending on your location of school but it was extremely useful. Here is a jacket similar to the one I have.

2. On the topic of weather- rain boots and an umbrella are also a must. I have had my hunter boots since I was a sophomore in highschool but never really found a reason to wear them. Let me tell you, when it's pouring and your early morning class is on the opposite side of campus, rain boots are quite useful. Here are my rain boots.

3. Layers: You will learn very quickly that sweaters and sweatshirts will become your bestfriend in college especially during the cold months. As I like to say, you will never NEVER have enough sweaters.

4. Shoes: Walking all around campus in uncomfortable shoes gets old pretty quickly. Of course you want some cute shoes but if they aren't comfortable will you actually ever wear them?

5. I am a strong believer that one can never have too many bags but I limited myself to a few while at college. I'm not really a backpack person but found my north face pack to be helpful while headed to the library for a night of studying. A small bag for going out is also a must, preferably one that you don't care about getting damaged. For everyday use and going to classes I used my medium sized longchamp. It went with everything and could be dressed up or down. A duffel bag is also a great idea when going to visit friends at other schools or going home for a weekend.

Hope you find this post to be helpful!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

-Madeline Simone

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