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IMG_5541IMG_1513 One of my favorite stores to stop by on Newbury Street is STA or second time around. STA has gently used brand name clothing. If you have time to do a bit of digging you can usually find some great finds. Newbury Street has three separate locations. All of the clothes in the store have different colored tags. The different colors represent the amount of discount placed on the clothing.

As some of my readers may know, I am a lover of J Crew. One of the STA locations has a section dedicated to J Crew. I don't think I've ever left the store without seeing something that I couldn't live without. This trip was no exception. I picked up a dress, cardigan and button down.

STA is a great place to stop by to find some great designer treasures.

Here is the STA website

Have you ever visited a consignment shop?

- Madeline Simone

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