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On My Radar: Work less, play more

IMG_4888 Last summer I worked way too much. I became obsessed with making as much money as I could before college and consequently, I gave up having a social life and just enjoying the summer. Going into this summer I vowed to have more fun but already I have found myself picking up shifts right and left.

I recently went on a short vacation with some friends to Nantucket and it was honestly one of the best things that could have happened this summer. It opened up my eyes to the fact that I need to stop working as much as I do and simply enjoy the summer. I live on Cape Cod, one of the greatest places to summer and am extremely fortunate to have a ten minute walk to the beach. I need to start going to the beach every day and enjoying all that the Cape has to offer.

Now work is important and I will certainly continue to work through the summer, but I need to remember to give myself a break and realize that money isn't always everything. Here is to a wonderful and relaxing summer!

- Madeline Simone

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