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Cycle On

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Last week my friend and I went on a bike ride on the bike path we have in town. The bike path goes from one end of town to the other. It's a wonderful alternative to going on the busy roads. The bike path takes you through the woods and also goes right by some of the beaches in Falmouth. I can get onto the bike path at the end of my street and met my friend on the way. We rode the bike path until to the end which is in Woodshole. From there we went out to dinner at a new restaurant called Quicks Hole. It was a really cool restaurant that overlooks the water.

The bike ride was long but enjoyable. We were also able to catch an absolutely beautiful sunset. Riding my bike was something I used to do all the time before I got my license but now with my car I barely use it. I forgot how nice it is. It's something I definitely want to try to get back into.

Where do you ride your bike?

-Modestly Maddie

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