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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

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Last Friday night I went with my family to my first baseball game of the season. Since I'm from Massachusetts, I of course support the Redsox. It used to be a family tradition that once a summer we would all go to at least one Redsox game. For the past few summers with our crazy schedules it did not end up happening. I was so excited when I found out we were all going and bringing back the tradition. I admit I don't follow sports all that much, but the atmosphere of a baseball game is one of my favorites. Fenway park has so much history and energy that every game I've ever attended has been so much fun. Something interesting that I read about a couple of weeks ago is that any college student that shows a valid student id can get into any game for $12 dollars. You may not always get a seat, but I certainly think it's worth it. I will be trying that later on in the summer with some of my friends.

In my opinion, baseball is one of the easiest sports to follow. You can go to a game without feeling like an idiot for not knowing what is going on. Boston fans have the reputation of being a bit rowdy and crazy and last friday did not fall short of expectation. They played the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and these two teams do not like each other. Baseball for the most part is a pretty calm sport. In this game there were two fights. That is basically unheard of in baseball! It was a great game and in the 10th inning the Redsox won!! It was a wonderful evening spend with my family!

-Madeline Simone






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