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On My Radar: It's the Little Things That Count

image Recently I was in a Lilly Pulitzer store in Falmouth and experienced first hand awful customer service. Now I have had poor customer service with other stores before but this by far was the worst I have ever witnessed.

I was looking for a new Lilly phone case and also thinking of buying a bathing suit from there. After doing a bit of shopping on main street, my sister and I decided to stop in. There were three young girls working standing at the front desk. As we walked in they continued their conversation without saying anything to us. I was in the store for about ten minutes looking at the accessories and clothes and still the employees said nothing- not even a simple "hello". I'm sorry but how hard is it to say "hello" to a customer or "can I help you with anything".

Either they thought that my sister and I weren't good enough for them or they are just plain rude. I even went up to the register and looked at the phone cases and fell in love with the elephant print id phone case (similar here) and was seriously considering purchasing it. I was ready to buy it but could not bring myself to support a store that has such rude customer service.

I angrily left the store and couldn't stop thinking about it. I was so angry about the lack respect I had received. I was ready to buy something and left because I didn't want to give the store any business. Now  it's not only Lilly Pulitzer. I have been into plenty of stores where there was poor customer service.  I still love Lilly's clothes and love the idea behind the clothes but will certainly think twice before stepping into another store. Why should I go into a store where the employees make me feel inferior to them, and for what? Because I'm not dressed in head to toe Lilly? Does that make them better than me?

For me customer service can go a long way. Not only customer service but simply treating a person with respect. Many stores have excellent customer service and I will continue to give them business and on the other hand some stores I choose not to go in anymore because of the awful service. I will probably still purchase clothes from Lilly but it definitely makes me wonder whether it is worth it. It's the little things that count like saying hello to a person.

What are your thoughts?

-Madeline Simone

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