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Etsy Success

IMG_9706 My first Etsy purchase arrived in the mail yesterday and I couldn't be happier. After a lot of thought I ended up selecting a silver cuff bracelet with writing on the outside of it. Lately I have been obsessing over coordinates. I've lived on Cape Cod for practically my entire life and think of it as a very important place. Once I found this bracelet I knew it would be perfect me. I chose the sterling silver bracelet and had the coordinates of Cape Cod printed on it. The shop on Etsy is called GetNoticed. They sell all different sorts of gifts but I especially liked the printed cuffs. You can choose different metals and whether you want a quote, coordinates etc. on the bracelet. When purchasing the bracelet you can put your specific requests in the notes box. Another plus is that the bracelet shipped quickly! I would recommend this bracelet to anyone. It's the perfect present for any occasion. Click here for the link to the bracelet!

-Madeline Simone

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