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Back At It

1398610_861619333855672_6573884501129246889_o Earlier this week I ran for an e-board position on a dance club called moVom. All dance majors and minors at Hofstra are apart of the club and it's a great opportunity to have a closer relationship with the faculty and have a leadership role in the club. In high school I was a class officer for three years and held many leadership positions. Although I was extremely busy in high school, I loved every minute of it. Once I graduated high school though, I thought I would take a break from being constantly on the go. After one semester of college, I realized that being super busy is just who I am and  it was something I wanted to get back into.

I talked with some of the upperclassmen dance majors and decided that I should give it a try. I decided to run for a few positions to have a better chance at getting one. It really didn't matter to me what position I got, I just wanted to have a chance to work with others and help run the club. I ended up with the treasurer position, which I was quite happy with. It also worked out that it was the first position that I ran for, so I didn't have to say my other speeches. I was so happy. I was also the only other freshmen to be elected. Here is a photo of the 2014-2015 board. Here's to an exciting year ahead of me!

-Madeline Simone

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