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Summer Bucket list:

IMG_3320 Today rained the entire day and I mean it rained nonstop. I should say it poured all day. Not only did it rain, but it was freezing cold. It feels like it's January yet tomorrow is supposed to be May? Hopefully April showers will bring May Flowers. Despite the cold Weather, I thought it would be a good time to make my summer bucket list!

To do over  the Summer:

-  Day trip to Martha's Vineyard

- Attend a Redsox Game

- Get tickets for the Newport Jazz festival


- Drive in movie theater

- Go for a bike ride along the bike path

- Hike a mountain

- Go kayaking

- Night swim

- Have a picnic at the sandwich Boardwalk

- Have a picnic at the Knob

- Many Beach days

- Dance photo shoot

- Bonfire

- Roast marshmallows

- Boating

- Spend a day in Boston with my mom and sister

- Go to the National Seashore

- Keep my room clean


- Paint my room

- Get back into art (calloges specifically)

-Read at least four books

- Try new foods

- Take at least four dance/ workout classes a week


Somehow I will have to try to fit all of this in with my busy work schedule! I know the last one seems sort of corny but last summer I found myself so stressed out with going to college and working as much as possible, I forgot to enjoy myself. It is summer after all. What do you want to do over the summer?

-Madeline Simone


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