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On My Radar: Take a Deep Breath

IMG_2220 These past few days I've felt like I've been running around like a crazy woman and let me tell you, I'm exhausted. It certainly hasn't helped that this week is moving at a snails pace. I've noticed that certain weeks at school I have nothing do and it seems easy, while the next week I'll have three papers and two exams due. Not quite sure as to why professors do this but it seems like the plan together and decide to put everything due on the same day. Why?!?! I've also realized how stressed out I've been lately. I get stressed easily and usually it's not a problem but lately I've realized the tole it's taken on my body.

Basically I need to take a deep breath and relax. If I continue on the track I'm headed, it's going to lead to some sort of breakdown. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself "everything is going to be alright". This is a favorite quote of mine. Although it may sounds dumb, when you think of it when you are worked up or bothered by something, it truly helps. Sometimes there isn't anything you can do, and in situations like this why waste your energy on something you can't change?

Over the years I've found some things that help me relax. Here a few tips that I use!

1. Dance/working out: I've danced my entire life. Whenever something is bothering me I know dance will get my mind off of it. I've found taking a break from doing whatever is on your mind and doing something else can really help. You would be surprised at how easily you can forget about whatever was on your mind. Working out also helps. Taking a walk whether it's around your neighborhood or simply stepping outside can completely change your mood.

2. Eat Healthy: This is something that I've been working on. If i'm stressed out with an absurd amount of work to do, eating junk food is never a wise decision. Eat food that will give you energy rather than junk food that will make you feel sluggish. One of my favorite snacks are Hummus and pretzels. Also, DRINK WATER. I personally hate soda so this is easy for me but always keep your body hydrated! I also love smoothies and passionfruit tea when in need of some energy.

3. Sleep: Sleep is so important. I am someone who needs a lot of sleep. If I don't get enough sleep, I become very cranky and can't quite function properly. A proper night's sleep is the key for a successful day.

4. Switch it up: Sometimes a change of scenery is exactly what you need. Take a short break and get your mind off whatever is bothering you. It sounds silly but believe me, it works.

6. Organization: Working in a clean and organized environment is something that is essential to get work done. I admit it, my room isn't always the cleanest but I know that I work my best when I'm in a clean space. When your life is cluttered how can you possibly relax?

Hope these tips help!

-Madeline Simone

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