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Morning Beauty


This morning I was insanely stressed out with school work. I had two back to back exams and was freaking out that I didn't study enough. I got up extra early for my 8 am to cram in some last minute studying. As I made my way across campus to my class I ran through my head all of the information trying not to forget anything. I had almost reached the building my classroom I was in when I realized how pretty my campus had become with spring finally arriving. Lately I've been so stressed out over school that I haven't given much else any though.

For a brief moment I stopped and took in the spring beauty. Hofstra has a beautiful campus and I really need to relax and enjoy the little things a bit more. This is something that I definitely need to work on. It only took a few seconds yet I find myself making little time for exploring and searching for beauty. Instead I am always in the go go go mode where unless it's scheduled, it doesn't happen.  Here is a photo of the blooming trees surrounding the campus.

-Madeline Simone

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