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Delicious Treats

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IMG_3234This past week I went into New York City to explore with my future roommate, Priya. We visited typical tourist spots like Central Park, Bryant Park, Columbus Circle and of course Times Square. While we were there we experienced the most delicious treats. It makes you realize how bad the food at college is. We stopped at this place called bake crumbs shop where I had my first cronut ever. Let me tell you, it is absolutely amazing. All the hype about it is all true. A cronut is in the shape of a donut and tastes like a donut, yet has the consistency of a croissant. It got one with nutella and crushed nuts on top. I could have eaten five of them, they were that good. The other good thing about the cronut is that they aren't too expensive. For one it is around three dollars. For a broke college student, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank. The next time you are in the city, you MUST try one.

From Times Square we made our way down 42nd street to Bryant park. It was so beautiful that we decided a picnic was a must. We found this cute little bakery called Eric Kaiser and grabbed a snack and dessert. This cafe is also a must if you are in the city and want a bit of french influence. Stepping into the cafe, it brought me back to my trip to Paris. As we ate outside we envisioned our future lives in the city. For dessert, Priya got a raspberry tart and I got an eclair. They were both equally as delicious as the cronuts. The day was filled with laughs and delicious foods. They may not have been the healthiest but they were certainly worth it.

-Madeline Simone

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