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Current Obsession: Passionfruit Tea


One of my favorite new starbucks drinks is the tazo iced passionfruit tea. It is the perfect spring beverage. I have to get it sweetened but hopefully soon I can try it unsweetened. Since being in college I've realized how much I need caffeine. In high school I rarely drank coffee. It wasn't until senior year I started drinking coffee and it was a rare occasion.

Now that I'm in college I find myself needing coffee every day. The problem with drinking coffee every day is that I can't drink plain coffee. I like macchiatos and flavored coffee. Coffee with lots of calories in it. I've been trying to find drinks that are on the healthier side that actually taste good but of course I have my favorites that aren't always the healthy options.

Here are some of my favorite starbucks drinks:

- Iced toffee nut latte

- Salted Caramel macchiato

- Iced Chai Tea Latte

- Iced Sweetened Passionfruit Tazo Tea

Now some of these aren't the healthiest, but who doesn't love a tasty starbucks treat. What are your favorite starbucks drinks?

- Madeline Simone

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