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City Shenanigans



This weekend I had the privilege of spending time with my best friend, Paige. She came up to Hofstra for a quick visit. This was the first time she's visited me, so of course I was very excited (she was supposed to come to fashion week but had a last minute interview). Our adventure started with trying to get back to school. I took the train and met Paige at Port Authority bus terminal.

It was a really cold rainy day and all I wanted to do was snuggle and watch movies in bed. I met Paige without a problem at the bus station. We walked to Penn Station and got our train tickets. We then waited for our train arrive. Once we got onto the train I realized that the stop we were supposed to get off at wasn't listed on the train. I was trying not to panic, but was secretly freaking out. We soon realized we were on the wrong train. We got off at the first stop and waited for another train. Waiting in the cold rain together was only the first of many interesting events that occurred over the weekend. Friday night we spent catching up and having a typical girls night filled with gossip movies and tasty treats.

Saturday we went into the city to do a bit of shopping. We started at Times Square and worked our way through 5th, Madison and Park ave. We walked everywhere and I mean everywhere. We really wanted to go to Lilly Pulitzer and saw that it was on Madison Ave. Little did we know that it was about 50 blocks from where we were. We finally made it and made some successful purchases. As we trekked through the city we pretended like we lived on Park Ave. instead of broke college students.

We got dinner back in Times Square at the Olive Garden. It was surprisingly really good. We had to wait for a while but had a great waiter. We finished up the evening with a stop at the M&M's store.

By the end of the evening we were exhausted. Our feet were killing us, but the trip was well worth it. We had lots of fun and can't imagine wandering through NYC with anyone else than my best friend.

-Madeline Simone

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