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packing packing packing!

As I was packing up to go back to school I was amazed at how much stuff I had accumulated. I found it very difficult to pack for my christmas break. I was off for six weeks. It's one thing to pack for a week but six? Who knows what will be happening and what sort of occasion it will be. I tried to pack as lightly as possible but as I was making my way to the bus to return home I realized what a big mistake I had made. With me I had a rolling suitcase, large duffel bag, backpack and bag. In order to get the bus I took a taxi to the train station where the train took me to penn station. From there I walked ten blocks to the port authority bus terminal. In the busy streets of Manhattan carrying that much luggage was an awful experience. From now I shall only pack the bare minimum.

When I was packing up at home I wondered how I possibly managed to fit everything into these few bags. Thankfully my mother drove me back to school and I did not have to worry about carrying massive bags throughout the streets of the city.

-madeline simone

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