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first day musts

I haven't posted anything lately as I am getting back into the swing of things at school. I moved back into my dorm last week and started classes on monday. I am looking forward to see what the new semester has to offer. Last semester I had mostly dance classes (I'm a dual dance and business major). This semester I have a few business classes which I am very excited about. I personally love to dress up for class. Last semester I was always in my yogas for dance classes. I look forward to finally being able to dress up for class. I think every girl maybe even some boys put careful thought into what to wear on the first day. I always want to make a subtle statement with my outfit. Nothing too crazy or fancy but still let people know that I mean business. Whether it's the first day of classes or the first day of a job it is a first day must to strut your stuff and show who you are.


packing packing packing!