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Oh dear!


At the end of my first semester of college one of the clubs I joined had a formal. I was hesitant on whether or not to go but decided it was worth it. Instead of buying a new dress i promised myself that I would wear a dress that I already owned. I chose which dress I would wear and splurged and bought a new necklace from j crew. Not thinking I assumed the dress I had worn two years ago would still fit me perfectly. Unfortunately that was not the case. Three days before the formal I had the idea to try my dress on to make sure everything looked okay. Thankfully I tried my dress on before the day of the event because when i realized that the dress no longer fit, I immediately went into panic mode. Luckily there is a mall close to my school so the next day I went on a dress hunt. I took my friend with me to help with my sanity.

I really did not want to spend a ton of money on a new dress so I stuck to the inexpensive stores; forever 21, h&m and express praying that one of the stores would have a dress. I always get stressed in big stores like forever 21 never knowing where to even start but somehow I managed to find a dress that fit me perfectly and one that I loved. Here are some photos from the night. Hope you enjoy!


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